Navratri Upvas Farali Dhokla

Healthy Navratri Upvas Farali Dhokla

Loose weight this navratri eating lighter food than the fried varients. During navratri fasting we always end up eating unhealthy, high calorie and oily food, which often makes us fat. Do you want to eat something light and less oily for your navratri fast rather than oily and unhealthy pakoras and pooris? Then Farali dhokla made out of samo rice (samak/ samvat/ moriyo rice) is a healthy option for you. As this is steamed, it prevents putting on extra kilos in navratri fast, yet it tastes really scrumptious and light. This Farali Dhokla is also very easy to make and can be made with a few ingredients quickly in a microwave or on stove top. Try this Navratri Upvas Farali Dhokla this navratri and this will surely become one of your fasting favorites!

Navratri Upvas Farali Dhokla
Navratri Upvas Farali Dhokla
Servings: 3-4
Calories: 280 per person
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 7 minutes


1 cup Samo Rice (Samak/ Samvat/ Moriyo Rice)
1/2 cup Yoghurt
1/2 cup Water
1 tsp. Ginger, Green Chilli paste
1 tsp. Eno’s Fruit Salt
1/2 tsp. Lemon juice
2 tsp. Oil (allowed during fasting)
1 tsp. Sendha Salt (used during fasting)

For Tempering:
2 tbsp. Oil (allowed during fasting)
1 tsp. Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
20-25 Curry Leaves
2-3 Fresh Green/ Red Chili, cut

For Garnishing (optional):
2 tbsp. Coconut, grated
2 tbsp. Coriander Leaves, chopped


1. Wash the samo rice very well in running water and soak it in the yoghurt, water and salt overnight.
2. Make a batter of the soaked samo mixture by blending it in grinder or food processor.
3. Add ginger green chilli paste and oil to the batter and mix well.
4. You can cook it in microwave steamer (dhokla maker) or simply in a grease microsafe bowl. You can also cook it on stove top in a steamer or pressure cooker (see notes).
5. Boil some water for 2 minutes at high power in a microwave safe steamer and grease it’s steaming container.
6. Before pouring the batter in the steaming container, add lemon juice and eno to the dhokla batter and mix fast and very well.
7. Pour into a greased plate or steaming vessel (microwave steamer) or in a greased microsafe bowl. Steam covered at 100% power for 5-7 minutes.
8. You can check if it is done by inserting in it a knife or a skewer. If it comes out clean, the dhokla is done.
9. Let it cool to room temperature (around 10 minutes) and then cut in desired pieces.
10. Heat oil in a tadka pan, add cumin seeds and let it crackle. Then add curry leaves and chilli and cook stirring for a minute.
11. Spread the tadka evenly over all the dhokla pieces and garnish with green coriander leaves and grated coconut, if using. I didn’t use the garnishes.
12. Serve the Farali Dhokla at room temperature with coriander chutney.


1. You can use peanut/ groundnut oil, olive oil and desi ghee only during fasting. Sunflower oil is also to be avoided during navratri.
2. Wash the samo rice properly to get rid of impurities.
3. If you do not have time to soak the samo rice overnight, then soak it in warm curd and water mixture for 1.5 hours.
4. Add the eno to the farali dhokla batter just before pouring it in the cooking vessel.
5. To steam the farali dhokla on stove top, boil some water in a steamer or pressure cooker. Then pour the dhokla batter in a greased steamer plate and steam it for 15 minutes or till done.
6. You can also add your choice of grated vegetables like bottle gourd, carrots and spinach puree to the ground dhokla batter.
7. It is best had warm and fresh and avoid refrigerating it.


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